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About RIRI

RIRI Children's Food Company is the first company in Egypt and the Middle East specialized in the production and distribution of baby food.
Since 1956, RIRI has adopted a progressive program to provide the best possible diet for children. This program includes a smooth and safe progression from one food to another with minimal impact, especially when changing from liquid food to semi-solid and solid food, Best for your child.
RIRI has obtained ISO certifications and certificates for a number of ISO international companies to manage total quality processes at all stages of the product including: ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 18000 (Occupational Safety), ISO 22000 (Food Safety) These certificates were opened to RIRI products and their products are registered in other countries in the Middle East and Africa (Yemen, Libya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea).
All of Riri's products are registered in Egypt at the National Food Institute, which is organized by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization around the world.
In addition, he obtained the ISO 17025 Chemistry and Microbiology Laboratory, which proves that the company has strict control over the production process and all the approved results.
In this regard, rice is considered the most suitable solid solid food in the early years of the child's age, because rice is easily digested and provides high nutritional value, so most child nutrition experts recommend Riri products.
Based on the above, most of Riri's products rely on rice, with the exception of a few wheat-based products.

First: Child Food (Cereal):

All products start from the age of 6 months except for 9 months chocolate riri, honey and terry RIRI with dates 12 months.
All products are sugar-free except for RIRI chocolate .
All products are free from any preservatives.
All 12 rice-based products are naturally gluten-free (gluten is a protein extracted from wheat).
Riri's "special formula" is used as an aid during diarrhea (rice, vitamins and milk).
Riri Flakes is the only milk-free product that can be prepared either with milk or water as needed (rice, vitamins).
All other products are prepared by adding boiling water as it already contains milk.
Riri's "protein" product relies on rice and has higher protein content than other products, so it can be used for children who want to achieve optimum weight.
The milk used in all Riri products is specially prepared as milk for children and not cow's milk.
Other products and their components:
           - Orange Riri consists of (rice, milk, oranges and vitamins)
           - Riri Banana consists of (rice, milk, bananas, vitamins)
           - Riri apples consists of (rice, milk, apple, vitamins)
           - Riri Fruits consists of (rice, milk, fruits, vitamins)
           - Riri vegetables consists of (rice, milk, vegetables, vitamins)
           - Riri carrots consists of (rice, milk, carrots, vitamins)
           - Riri chocolate consists of (rice, milk, cocoa, vitamins, sugar)
           - Riri honey consists of (rice, milk, honey, vitamins)
           - Reeri dates and consists of (rice, milk, dates, vitamins)
           - Cereal grain milk consists of (wheat, milk, vitamins)
           - Cereal fruits and grains consists of (wheat, milk, fruits, vitamins)

Second: Full Cream Milk

  Of cow's milk
Instant milk without odor
 Import and packaging of Riri
 For children above the age of the year
 Not suitable for infants
Target group: Children and adults
  Used in drinking and cooking

Third: Skimmed Milk:

Instant milk without odor
Import and packing of Riri
Fat-free milk
Target group: Athletes, obese people, who suffer from high cholesterol, who follow the diet