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RIRI Baby Food social and community participation in to the rationalization of electricity consumption and the transition to the use of clean energy

According to RIRI Baby Food media spokesman , The Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director decided to transfer the workflow in the factories of RIRI from the use of traditional electricity sources to the use of solar

energy in order to benefit from the rationalization of electricity consumption, both on the basis of the country policy and company policy, the new system will keep RIRI Baby Food one of the leaders in the field of clean solar energy in the Middle East and North Africa.

The British company GREE Solar has successfully achieved the installation and transformation of the new system.

Mr. Nick Blashill, GREE Solar representative mentioned that “due to the steady increase in electricity cost and to as a contribution to RIRI success, the management of RIRI decided to allow GREE Solar project completion and development as one of the best international companies in this field.